Snes9x 1.56.2

An application that allows users to emulator the popular classic console Super Nintendo and play games on the console

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 7 / Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows NT / Windows 98

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Snes9x is an emulator that plays games originally created for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Players can use this emulator to run copies of their favorite Nintendo games on PCs. The games are known as ROMs. Basically, they are computer copies of software that was ripped from physical Super Nintendo cartridges.

Many people consider Snes9x to be the best SNES emulator. This program is capable of running over 700 Super Nintendo games. It takes only a few minutes to set up the emulator. This software is capable of recognizing almost any USB controller. Users can also play with customized keyboard controls.

One good thing about Snes9x is that it allows the use of save states. They enable the player to save any game at an exact moment in time. Players who get stuck at a particular place in a game can simply reset the save state and start over. This also eliminates the need to use passwords in older games.

The newest version of Snes9x has a few unique features. For example, this program allows users to record movies in AVI format. Players can save the movies, edit them and upload them to video-sharing websites. Snes9x also supports Internet play for multiplayer games, but it can be hard to set this up. Players must manually configure the online play for each game session. This emulator also supports the use of cheat programs. Players may manually implement Game Genie codes. They can use the same cheat codes that Game Genie allows on a normal Super Nintendo console.

The only real issue with this emulator is that there may be difficulty emulating some visuals. Many of the later SNES games used a special fake three-dimensional trick known as Mode Seven. Snes9x may have difficulty displaying some of these visuals, but it's probably still more reliable than other Super Nintendo emulators. This program also requires separate games before it will function. Many of these cartridge ROMs can be found on the Internet, but the legality of downloading them can vary. A lot of this software was made by defunct developers that no longer have a copyright claim on them. Some of the games are even considered public domain. You are also allowed to download any Super Nintendo game if you own a legal physical copy.


  • This emulator runs almost every Super Nintendo game perfectly.
  • Snes9x does not need to be installed before the player can run it.
  • Players can plug USB controllers into their computers and use them instead of keyboard controls.


  • This emulator may have some visual layering issues with certain newer Super Nintendo games.
  • Games that require the Super Scope on the Super Nintendo can only be played with mouse controls.

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